Building Beach Beer Pong

We’ve received an unbelievable amount of calls, texts, emails, and snapchats from the Fair Harbor family for how they best enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend. As everyone knows, there are two essential components to a successful holiday weekend: the two b’s. The first is the beach. The second is the booze. Luckily, we have a genius formula for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy both simultaneously while mixing in a little movement so Uncle John isn’t asleep on the only beach towel by noon all summer long. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you build a beach beer pong table.

Step I: Preparation

Preparation is PARAMOUNT. In order to make your table a success, be sure to do the following before leaving for the beach: grab a couple shovels, a copious amount of Watermelon Session Ale from Montauk Brewing company, at least a gallon of clean water, a 10-pack of ping-pong balls (nobody likes sandy balls), and a 50-pack of Incycle Eco-friendly red solo cups (the best solution to help preserve the environment without forgoing the staple red solo cups). If you’re feeling extra patriotic on July 4th, snag some blue cups to sprinkle into the mix.

Step II: Building

Now that you have the essential supplies, simply follow these steps to success:

  1. Bring said shovels, beer, cups, balls, and water to the beach

  2. Reward yourself with a beer

  3. Create an outline of the beer pong table dimensions you so desire by dragging your foot through the sand. The result should be a rectangular outline—if you are serious about your game and looking to enforce international pong standards, you’ll be looking for a table that measures precisely 96"x 24"′ x 27.5"….. We recommend just giving it the eyeball test…

  4. Reward yourself with a beer

  5. Start digging around the outline, being sure to shovel sand into the center of the table. You want enough space to walk around and shoot comfortably.

  6. For every foot of progress, reward yourself with a beer.

  7. Smooth each layer of sand and do your best to create a flat playing surface.

  8. Reward yourself with endless games that result in you drinking beer

Step III: Remembrance

As summer settles in, spend time with friends and family, relax, and, of course, buy copious amounts of Fair Harbor gear. This week take some time to think back on your Memorial Day weekend -- and not just all the booze and burgers consumed. The most important thing to do is take the time to remember the brave men and women who served our nation and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Reflect on what you’re most grateful for while you pour one out for those who are no longer around to enjoy this upcoming summer with their families and friends.

Sea's the day!

Written by: Clark Perkins