Packing for a Summer Getaway

The best part of summer weekends is being able to get out in the sunshine and hit the beach or the trails for a little weekend get-away. As an active, sustainable, and fashionable brand, we want Fair Harbor clothing to be what you reach for to put in your overnight bag, but just in case you need a little bit more persuading here is a list of weekend trip necessities.

The One Short is perfect for exploring and handling anything Mother Nature shoots your way. Whether on a leisure walk at the boardwalk with your dog, playing some CanJam, or transitioning into the local bar for happy hour, the One Short is an all day, all activity staple.

Made from recycled ocean plastic, Norton Point Sunglasses are a must-have on your weekend get-away, so pack these puppies in your bag and hit the road. BONUS our new board shorts’ buttons are made from this plastic! Boom.

Whether you’re packing the cooler for the day with some agua or feel like hiding a roady, the Fair Harbor Kleen Kantine is a summer staple. Keeping plastic waste off our beaches is our goal, so this is a no-brainer for the ultimate packing list.

Everyone has those memories of your Mom or Dad slathering a thick layer of sunscreen all over your face as you squint your eyes trying not to get it anywhere near your skin. A few years later and we now know that we should actually want to wear the sunscreen to prevent looking like a lobster and getting skin cancer. What a lot of people don’t know is that most sunscreens contain toxic chemicals. Raw Element Eco Form sunscreen is toxin-free and reef safe, making it one of our go-to’s to get a perfect bronze.

Not only does Burt’s Bees make the perfect “beezin’” chapstick, but also an awesome, all natural bug spray to keep those mosquitos away. No more slapping away those pesky bugs while sitting by the bonfire. Spray this bad boy around and you’ll be good to go.

The Navy Jupiter is one of my personal favorite board shorts. Our swimwear is made so that you are always comfortable and look great. So when you hit the beach on the weekend make sure you grab a pair.

Flip flops are the only shoe needed for summer on Fire Island. Going out to dinner? Flip flops. Bar? Flip flops. Grocery store? Flip flops. So be smart and buy a pair of Ecoalf flip flops that are made out of 100% recycled material.

Sea's the Day!

Written by: Meg Vreeland