Unveiling the Summer Six Pack

Whether your six pack is just “hiding” under your beer belly or you catch yourself flexing in the mirror every time you walk by shirtless to see it, here are a few exercises everyone can do to strengthen it. If you’ve ever gone surfing before, you’d know that balance and core strength are key to staying afloat. Without both of those it’ll be hard to even just sit on the board waiting for a wave, let alone actually get up on a wave. Strengthening your core will help you recover faster, while increasing your strength, stability and power. The core is made up of many different muscles so it’s important to incorporate exercises that strengthen different parts of it, for an overall stronger center. That doesn’t mean pounding out 100 crunches, but instead try doing exercises with medicine balls, cables, exercise bands and stability balls.

Grab a pair of One Shorts and try these exercises out:

  • Supine lateral ball rolls

  • Stability Ball Jack Knife

  • Medicine Ball Chops

  • Cable Chops

  • Paloff Press

  • Horse Stance or Bird Dogs

  • Stability Ball Rollouts

Side note: just incase you are interested in watching Laird Hamilton demonstrate some core exercises in an uncomfortable way -- kind of like Ricky Bobby not sure what to do with his hands in in Talladega Nights -- check out his YouTube tutorial. The “V Leg Raises” look like real winners

Sea's the day!

Written by: Caroline Danehy