Making the Outdoors Your Own Indoor Gym

Time to get that dad bod into shape. With summer right around the corner finding new and exciting ways to work out might be just what you need. With the weather warming up, gyms tend to get a little hot and steamy this time of the year -- and no one wants that. On top of that, getting into a gym rut can leave you unmotivated and unenthusiastic about working out. Rather than relying on a gym to help yourself stay active, take matters into your own hands and step outside of your comfort zone (and of the moist gym) and into the summer weather.

It’s all about perspective, anything can be a gym you just have to great a bit creative.

Local Playground

  • Monkey Bars: tone up your arms and get your daily pullups in for your biceps

  • Parallel Bars: build your chest, triceps and shoulders by doing some dips

  • Ladders: climb up the ladders and incorporate some lunges, squats and pushups to get a total body workout


  • Jogging: get some cardio in and go for a run along the beach or boardwalk. Or challenge yourself and sprint between lifeguard stands, trying to beat your time each time.

  • Surfing: it’s never too late to pick up a new hobby, test out the waters and try to hang ten! Surfing is a great stress reliever that also is great workout for your core, legs, arms

  • SUP: Stand up paddle boarding isn’t just for limber yogis like you see on instagram. SUP is an activity that will have your core into fighting shape in no time

  • Swimming: dive into the water and swim against the current for extra resistance

  • Yoga: instead of doing this inside, take a class on the beach or even on paddle boards if you are feeling really adventurous

Near by Trails

  • Find the perfect playlist, bring a friend or take your dog on a hike

Bike Riding

  • Take out that old bike and find new places, meet new people and stay active while also being in the moment and enjoying life.


  • Triathlon: Set up a little friendly competition with some buddies. Run for 20 minutes, bike for 30 minutes then swim a few laps.

Sea's the Day!

Written by: Caroline Danehy