Netflix and Chill

When it’s too hot and steamy in NYC to go outside, netflix and chill in the AC seems pretty close to perfect. Order in a pizza, grab a beer and call a friend to stream one of these films for the ultimate stay-cation R&R time. Here are five documentaries that fit with our Fair Harbor lifestyle. Check them out and have a night.

Fair Harbor Feature: The Endless Summer

If you haven’t already seen this all time classic, look no further. Released in 1966, The Endless Summer is an older film and a great summer watch for surf-inspiration. Two surfers, Mike Hynson and Robert August, travel to Australia, Hawaii, Africa and more "in search of the perfect wave". The film featured a surf spot that was unknown at the time off Cape St. Francis in South Africa, which has now become one of the world’s most famous breaks. This documentary appeals to the adventurer in all of us and will make you get out on that board ASAP -- and then book a trip to South Africa. 

Other films to check out:

A Plastic Ocean

This film is made by a man who noticed that the oceans were filled with plastic while searching for blue whales. This inspired him to figure out what is causing this waste in his local ocean, as well as bodies of water around the globe. Follow him and his team as they realize what a toll the environment takes due to human processes. As a company that’s major focus is doing our part to remove plastic waste from our oceans, this documentary really hits home for us, so we hope you enjoy it too.

View From a Blue Moon

A film following John John Florence, it explores the lifestyle on the North Shore of Oahu as well as following Florence to his favorite surfing spots. This documentary has amazing cinematography and is a great choice for all surf and nature lovers. Shot in 4K, watch Florence deal with the increasing pressures as he becomes one of the world’s best surfers. (another one of Jake’s favorites)

180° South

This documentary is a must-see for any adventurers (or anyone who buys Patagonia clothing). It tracks the journey of Jeff Johnson, following in the footsteps of Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins, on his way to Patagonia. Through broken equipment and struggle, the film is inspiring and awesome.

Food Matters

As a nation that mostly focuses on when our next meal is, Food Matters is a necessary documentary to get us out of our rut. This film explores how harmful the food industry is and how it takes a toll on the population. From prescription drugs to dieting, Americans are always trying to combat the effects of food. However, the contributors have a solution for you-- you’ll just have to watch to find out.

Sea's the day!
Written by: Meg Vreeland

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