Surfset NYC

Suddenly finding an urge to surf in the heart of the East Village in NYC? Or perhaps your board skills aren’t quite like you would hope and you want to feel like you’re surfing -- without worrying about swallowing a gallon of saltwater? Well, look no further. Surfset NYC will give you that fix. Former professional hockey player, Mike Hartwick, started Surfset after realizing the common boredom amongst gym goers. Are you trying to tell me that you don't watch the time on the stairmaster slowly count down?

During his off seasons, Mike would spend most of his time on the West Coast in California surfing to stay in shape when the idea to create a workout studio based around the watersport came to mind. He teamed up with nutrition and fitness expert, Sarah Ponn, to create the equipment (RipSurfer X) and the studio (Surfset Fitness). During their Shark Tank endeavor, Mark Cuban offered $300K for 30% of the business, which they ended up agreeing upon.  

In this surf inspired workout class you’ll develop muscle and balance skills, body awareness and stability, while also having an awesome time. By doing something out of the ordinary, you’ll target parts of the body that your normal workout miss; it’s almost guaranteed you’ll wake up a little sore after the first class.

Since then, Surfset has continued to grow and offer Manhattan-ites an escape from the concrete jungle for an hour. If you’re so inclined, you can even purchase a board for yourself. Check out a Surfset New York City class at Paradise Factory in the East Village or their summer PopUp location at Arlo SoHo Rooftop!

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Written by: Caroline Danehy

caroline danehy