Summer Game Rankings

When it comes to summer games nowadays, there are quite a few options to chose from. The debates about which game is the best have been circulating around the office for some time now, and as the 4th of July approaches (the single most important day in the beach gaming world), the banter has only intensified. After weeks of arguing, we finally think that we’ve come to a consensus. Here are our top five favorite beach games ranked:

5) Kadima: Easy to play and highly affordable, but the simplicity of the game can get old pretty quick. It’s kind of like playing an ambiguous game of catch using tennis racquets and a foam ball. It’s great if you're just looking for a quick 5 minute game to play in between beers, but not sustainable as an all day activity.

4) Volleyball: Easily the most physically demanding of all the beach games out there, it can also be one of the most fun. It’s awesome because you can get so many people involved at once, while getting in a serious workout from it if you'd like. There are some glaring flaws when it comes to beach volleyball though. The preparation and materials needed to even set up a volleyball court can be time-consuming and expensive, which can take away from your relaxing beach experience.

3) Cornhole: An undeniable classic. Cornhole is the best game out there for those who refuse to put down their beer but still want to get involved in some beach day activities. It’s a bit one dimensional, but this game will keep you satisfied for hours on end. It’s also harder than it looks!

2) Kan Jam: Kan Jam is similar to corn hole in that you can hold onto your beer while you play, but it’s a far more active and nuanced game. It’s low intensity but still has a great team element that makes it worthwhile. The only requirement is that you know how to throw a frisbee, which makes it very accessible to almost everybody.

1) Spikeball: With spikeball you really get the best of both worlds. It can be as intense and strategic as a game of volleyball, but is still casual enough that you can play it all day without getting too tired. In addition, the net needed to play is incredibly light and detachable, making it easy to carry onto the beach, and the set-up only takes a few minutes. This is easily the most well rounded beach game on the market, landing it a number one spot on our list.

Sea's the Day!
Written by: David Rabinowitz

caroline danehy