Workplace Meditation

When you think about meditating, the common image of a hippie with circular glasses and a peace sign necklace sitting cross-legged on the floor might come to mind. The concept and stereotypes might even make the whole thing intimidating to you. But truthfully, meditation is just a simple way to improve your quality of life, no matter who you are. And even if it may seem like a waste to set aside some time in your busy schedule to meditate, I guarantee you it will be worth it. Meditation keeps you present, increases your attention span, makes you calmer,  and can even improve your brain function and immune system. And the best part it is, with all the new meditation technology out there, it's never been easier! You can now simply sit in your bed for 10 extra minutes, or even do it at work if the 9-5 grind starts getting to you. Below we listed 4 apps for quick and effective meditation that you can do anywhere:

  1. Headspace

    1. This app is great for beginners. It walks you through how the practice works and tracks your activity. It even has an SOS feature for those meltdown moments.

  2. Calm

    1. With everything from 3-minute to 25-minute sessions, the Calm app helps you with every aspect of your life. An awesome addition is stories to help you sleep!


    1. This app provides sounds to help keep you focused, relaxed, and your brain stimulated. Simply choose what activity you are doing and then click play!

  4. Sattva

    1. If you’re looking to make meditation a part of your everyday routine, Sattva is for you. The app tracks your progress, gives rewards, and provides guided meditation.

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Written by: Meg Vreeland

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